Little Islands Team

Together our dedicated team of experts have over 100 years of experience working with people in the care sector. Everything we design and produce is driven by our passion to improve the quality of people’s lives.

Managing Director

Richard Benson


Richard has been providing homely, yet practical, environments for people in care for over 30 years. He has been responsible for installing everything from large PFI projects to individual room refurbishments, on time and on budget.

Inspired from a conversation with Les regarding methods to stimulate communication with people living with dementia, the LifeHouse and Little Islands was born.

Creative Director

April Roberts


April is an experienced creative designer, bringing over 30 years of interior design to Little Islands.

Over the years she has designed and developed dementia friendly interiors and she delights in the pleasure and joy of how these environments drastically bring quality of life to people living with dementia.

Sarah Abbott

Kerri Sedgwick


Kerri brings 20+ years in office management to Little Islands including bookkeeping, quality management and health & safety systems.

Kerri brings extensive knowledge of managing social media within business. She has a passion for problem solving and is committed to achieving success through driving performance and developing ideas.

Product Manager

Tony Grundy


Tony has worked in the care sector for over 30 years delivering Person Centred activities throughout a wide range of client groups.

Tony was recognised for his work with care home residents living with Dementia by the CQC and Silk Healthcare; winning two awards for his hard work. Tony brings a wealth of experience to Little Islands and delights in helping those living with dementia.


  • Jeanne Davies
    L&M healthcare won 'Art Installation of the year' at the Design in Mental Health Awards 2018 for our Seaside Living Wall at Whittle Hall in Warrington. It was designed, hand made and installed by Little Islands. Not only is our wall beautiful to look at, it is used to stimulate fond memories of the seaside through, sound, sight, smell and touch. Residents, staff and visitors alike absolutely love it. No one can walk past it without touching it and everyone who sees it can’t help smiling.
    Jeanne Davies
    Director L&M Healthcare
  • Barry Flanagan RNLD
    We kind of knew from the first conversation that we was going to get something very special and, we did!
    Barry Flanagan RNLD
    WillowBrook Care Home
  • Barry Flanagan
    The legacy of the work Little Islands have done for Willowbrook is to raise the quality of the environment and create resources that make a difference to the quality of life we can bring to the clients each day and, a sense of value for the staff to work in an environment that is unique and positive.
    Their imagination and creativity was inspiring and the level of details in their craftsmanship was outstanding.
    Barry Flanagan
    Registered manager/clinical director
  • Megan Allan - Operations Manager
    Due to the Jolly Trolley being mobile we have been able to take it to the residents rather than them having to come to us. As soon as we get the music going (especially the rock and roll era) and the residents hear it, they come to check out what is happening. The smile on their faces when they are able to recognise a song is magical – the care staff have really been able to ‘tune in’ to residents body language etc and this has enabled our residents to dance in a way some of them haven’t done for a long time… We have found that we have been able to meet one of our own core values better than ever before .. ‘Inclusion’…. To be able to include someone either on a 1-1 basis or in a group scenario is amazing especially when they have never been interested that much in partaking before. The fact that we can upload what is relevant to the specific Individual is so meaningful for that person and I can assure you we have shed some tears being able to be part of that residents memory journey. It has been an amazing addition to our care home – from staff and residents – thank you. The main thing for us is having been able to use it on a 1-1 basis due to social distancing and the restrictions that has imposed upon it. Being able to take the Trolley to a bedroom and have quality time with that person has been invaluable. We have also been able to use the trolley in a meaningful way for residents who are at the later stages of life and have ensured their favorite things have been available in the background in their bedroom. The Jolly Trolley has been a great support as it has allowed us to contribute to residents wellbeing on a more personal basis due to the lockdown restrictions. We wish you all the very best with the Alzheimer’s Society ‘Dementia Hero Award for Innovation’ ,  I know you are a worthy candidate with an amazing chance of winning – The innovation of the Jolly Trolley has certainly become our ‘hero’ in our care home.
    Megan Allan - Operations Manager
    Oakminster Care Home, Glasgow
  • Jeanne Davies
    We were so pleased with our first Jolly Trolley purchase that we bought three more! Now all homes in our group have them. They make such a difference to our residents; they encourage reminiscence, movement and participation, bring a lot of fun and laughter, and can form the basis of a lot of activity planning. Being mobile makes them so versatile, we can use them anywhere inside or out.
    Jeanne Davies
    Director, L&M Healthcare
  • Donna Burkhill, Activities Manager
    The reminiscence and music functions have been very beneficial for all our residents, but we have found particularly those with dementia and also our new residents whom upon arrival can feel quite alone and isolated. One new gentleman was very reluctant to engage or socialise with anyone when he first arrived but we soon had him enjoying a sing-along on the microphone belting out Queen and feeling like part of our little community. We would definitely recommend Little Islands and their fantastic Jolly Trolley to anyone looking to enrich the lives of their residents.
    Donna Burkhill, Activities Manager
    St Johns House
  • Donna Burkhill, Activities Manager
    The Jolly Trolley is quite simply the best money we have ever spent on resident enrichment! Well-designed, beautifully made and simple to use, we particularly like the fact that you can change the theme to suit the occasion and because it is fully mobile we can use it in any part of the home, whether that is an individual’s room for some quiet reminiscence and music or one of the communal areas where we have played bingo, held head scratching quizzes, had afternoon tea parties and sing-alongs...
    Donna Burkhill, Activities Manager
    St Johns House
  • Donna Burkhill, Activities Manager
    The trolley has brought our staff and residents together as it has made it easier for staff and residents to interact on a social level. This year’s Christmas party was by far the best we have had yet, senior management, staff and residents all enjoying a good old knees up with karaoke, dancing and lots of laughter - The best medicine of all!
    Donna Burkhill, Activities Manager
    St Johns House
  • Lorna Montgomery-Activities Coordinator
    The Jolly Trolley is an absolute breath of fresh air
    Lorna Montgomery-Activities Coordinator
    Willowbrook Care Home
  • Shanaz - Activities Coordinator
    We LOVE the Jolly Trolley! It’s a fantastic idea which has had a massive benefit to all our residents and our staff too. The physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of our residents are all being really well catered for. It’s been so easy to encourage everyone to socialise and to get everyone singing along and up on their feet dancing. It is being used every day for all sorts of activities from themed dances, karaoke sessions and exercise classes.  
    Shanaz - Activities Coordinator
    Willowbrook Care Home
  • Lorna Montgomery-Activities Coordinator
    The residents with dementia have particularly benefited from the reminiscence programmes and their favourite music. We have found it has really calmed down and relaxed upset residents and given them their sense of wellbeing back. It’s also been a great ice breaker for new residents too and helped them to socialise more easily and integrate into the home community more quickly. The staff too are really benefiting from using the Jolly Trolley. After a fortnight's holiday over Christmas I normally worry about what activities our residents have been taking part in and about their wellbeing, but this year I need not have worried. I returned to find everyone enthusing over what a fantastic and busy time they had all had. I couldn’t have expected a better response than we have had.
    Lorna Montgomery-Activities Coordinator
    Willowbrook Care Home

We design, manufacture by hand and install every product we produce and we train your staff on how to get the most out of it. So we can absolutely guarantee that every Little Islands will be perfect for your home and your residents.

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