Little Islands is a driving force in providing support for dementia care. Our senior staff are highly experienced in both the delivery of dementia care and the provision of specialist equipment and hi-tech sensory rooms.

The idea of Little Islands began when we were asked to create a Sensory Room designed specifically to stimulate communication with people living with dementia.

We looked around to see what Sensory equipment and designs were available and it soon became apparent that the only options currently being offered were Snoezelen type fibre optics, bubble tubes etc., which are stimulating in their own way but very abstract and possibly confusing as well. The other option was Reminiscence rooms which are very useful if used as part of planned activities but without those activities tend to become dust gatherers as they are not stimulating in their own right.

So we decided that by using sound, colours and smells, combined with memorable music and images, we could stimulate multiple senses in a focused manner and hopefully make a connection with the happy memories of the people involved. This has worked better than we could have hoped for, with care home residents singing, dancing and reminiscing, as well as staff and relatives getting involved because it’s an exciting, fun environment.

Fast-forward a few years and our passion for providing environments and products that will enrich the lives of people living with dementia is still as strong as ever. We are continually developing new environments using the same concepts and it’s as exciting for us working on them as it is for the people using them! In addition to creating unique environments, we are also concentrating on developing portable products that can be used in person-centred care. The Jolly Trolley, new for 2018, is a traditional-looking cart which creates festivity in any care home and encourages residents to engage in social activities and reminiscence.  As it is battery operated and fully mobile, it allows you to bring fun and fulfilment to the resident. Our innovative products aim to stimulate memories and the senses in a focused manner, creating ‘little islands’ of calm and contentment in a potentially scary and chaotic world.

Communication is an essential part of having quality of life. Talking, and having something to talk about, reduces feelings of isolation, enhances relationships and feelings of social inclusion.

“Everyone needs a sense of purpose and to enjoy themselves. Encouraging someone living with Dementia to do something creative, some gentle exercise, or take part in an activity helps them realise their potential, which improves their self-esteem and reduces loneliness”


This is a statement we couldn’t agree with more.  Engaging with residents with dementia is essential, and trying to reach them when they appear closed off from the world can seem impossible at times.  However, we can provide the tools to help you connect with even the most hard to reach people. From products that promote activities to bespoke interactive environments; we will work closely with you to ensure your environment is not only dementia-friendly, but comfortable and beautifully crafted. Everything we do is under-pinned by research making sure that our products and services really can make a difference to a person’s quality of life. Our aim is to create stimulating products and environments that can help to re-build those bridges of communication.

Let us help to create your own Little Islands.

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  • Jeanne Davies
    L&M healthcare won 'Art Installation of the year' at the Design in Mental Health Awards 2018 for our Seaside Living Wall at Whittle Hall in Warrington. It was designed, hand made and installed by Little Islands. Not only is our wall beautiful to look at, it is used to stimulate fond memories of the seaside through, sound, sight, smell and touch. Residents, staff and visitors alike absolutely love it. No one can walk past it without touching it and everyone who sees it can’t help smiling.
    Jeanne Davies
    Director L&M Healthcare
  • Barry Flanagan RNLD
    We kind of knew from the first conversation that we was going to get something very special and, we did!
    Barry Flanagan RNLD
    WillowBrook Care Home
  • Barry Flanagan
    The legacy of the work Little Islands have done for Willowbrook is to raise the quality of the environment and create resources that make a difference to the quality of life we can bring to the clients each day and, a sense of value for the staff to work in an environment that is unique and positive.
    Their imagination and creativity was inspiring and the level of details in their craftsmanship was outstanding.
    Barry Flanagan
    Registered manager/clinical director

We design, manufacture by hand and install every product we produce and we train your staff on how to get the most out of it. So we can absolutely guarantee that every Little Islands will be perfect for your home and your residents.

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