Little Islands - Registered in England, Vivary Buildings, Spring Lane, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9BD

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The LifeByte is a Multi-Sensory Soft Sculptured Interactive picture that is fully interactive and provides a delightful atmosphere of the seaside through Sounds, Music, Lights and Aromas; Press an area for example ‘The Dog’ and hear the sound of a dog barking! Press ‘The Boat’ and the boat will light up and sing a sailors song!

We are excited to introduce our NEW ’SmartCart’ which is a fantastic FUN way to create festivity in the care home environment encouraging residents to engage in social activities and reminiscence.

Our exciting SwapShop creates a fun Dementia friendly shopping area which can be fitted into corridors, conservatory's or anywhere you like. The areas can also be themed to look like a street by our Little Islands designer.




The LifeHouse is a

Hi-Tech sensory room with specialised equipment to create a personal environment at the touch of a button especially created for people living with Dementia.

The LifeGarden is a safe outdoor space created in a circular design with pathways and raised planters to encourage people living with dementia to enjoy all the stimulations of the garden in safety




The LifeWall provides a gentle and fun focus to any room promoting distraction, encouraging   communication, and

increased levels of activity for people living with Dementia

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We have a Passion for providing environments and activities that will enrich the lives of People living with dementia, giving fun, fulfilment, happiness, and fewer feelings of isolation

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